Unleash the Creativity with Colorful Flowers this Summer

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Flowers are God’s gift to mankind and we know exactly how to use the in our daily lives. From religious point of view, flowers are of prime importance because of they are offered for worship. In terms of gifts, there can be no better substitute of flowers. So, send flowers to Hyderabad from FNP to your friends and wish them on their special days. Apart from that let’s see how else these flowers can be used in daily lives.

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  1. Floating flower wreath: You can take fresh garden flowers and make nice wreaths out of it. To make it funkier, use geometric shapes like triangle, square, or rectangle and keep it floating on your swimming pool. It would send the right vibes to your friends when they hit the pool. For preparing the pool party in these summers, this flower decoration is the best one.
  2. Flower topped cakes: It’s time to get out of the traditional decoration of cakes with candles only. Use vibrant flowers on top of cakes and surprise your near and dear ones on their birthdays. You can margin this cake with flowers of different colors or use just one flower to be kept in the center of the cake.
  3. Flower bun wrap: Suppose you want to ready yourself for the wedding party and this summer temperature is not allowing you to decorate in lavish clothes and jewelries – what would you do? Take out cool pastel shades clothes from your wardrobe and wear only one big pendent necklace. Now, to elevate your look, make a bun with your hair and wrap it around with vivacious flowers. This would make you look different from the rest of the crowd.
  4. Fresh flower sign: You can make signs with wires and flowers. Use wires and bend them to write something like LOVE, KITCHEN, or FREEDOM and while placing it on doors or walls, use small flowers on the edges. This small and creative piece of art would be applauded by all.

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  1. Floral Crown or Tiara: For the birthday girl, you can prepare a big crown using big petals and flowers or a tiara using small flowers. She would really be glad on receiving such an awesome gift from you.
  2. Pressed flowers for wall art: Keeping flowers in copy or books makes us visit our childhood days when we actually never threw any flowers once gifted. We used to preserve them in our books and copies. Use this idea now and press the flowers. Now when they are dried up, use glue and paste on your wall. You may use different colors and types of flowers for this purpose.

Due to the innocent appeal of flowers, they are loved by all. Apply the aforementioned ideas in your home and enliven your life. And to wish your friend on birthday, anniversary, or New Years, sends flowers to Hyderabad.

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