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Useful Tips for Importing Wholesale Products from China

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If you are involved into fashion business including apparels and accessories, you may depend upon importing your products from China. Try to go with the trend and if your country is short of producing the fashion products according to your demand, then go for importing them from the markets of China.

Never Depend On Assumptions:  When you are investing for a business, you should not assume everything. Before you obtain the products from the market, never assume the availability of the stock. You must check the quality of the products with the vendors properly. If the products are not displayed on their websites, make sure you request them for the samples. There are cases where you are ordering online for your stock, but the vendors inform you later that the products are not available in the present. This happens because the website has not been updated about the stock availability. So, you should not assume before placing your order. Just make sure to confirm with the vendors about the availability.

Trust Your Own Gut Feeling: Always try to go with your instincts. If you are looking for leather bags for men and the vendor is trying to sell designer bed sheets to you, it is the high time to hit the spam button. While identifying the right vendor, you must depend on your own gut feeling. If some vendor seems to be too friendly with 2 or 3 emails everyday asking about your orders, you should never go with them.


Try To Be Specific:   When you are looking for the fashion products in the China wholesale market, you must try to be as specific as possible. You must be specific about the size, material and the type of the products for avoiding any kind of confusion. For example, if you are looking for ladies leather bags only, then never try to include bags of other materials in your stock. If you cannot specify the material properly, you may end up buying the cheaper products than you have actually desired.

Obtain Samples:  To ensure the quality of your fashion products, you must obtain samples from the vendors. Never hesitate on buying samples as you are required to know what you are selling to your customers. Always keep your budget in mind but never hold back yourselves for the fear of failure.

You May Not Obtain Products According To Your Expectations:  Sometimes, you may not obtain the products just according to your expectations. When you are ordering for the samples, you must be very judgmental about the quality. If you are not obtaining the samples as you have ordered, it is quite doubtful that when you place your order in bulk, they can make you satisfied.  Therefore it is very important to confirm your sample orders before the shipment and you can also request for some photos of the samples before they are dispatched.

Never Be Intimidated By Vendors:  Vendors are just normal people like you and me. Never be anxious to start up a conversation with them. Most of the vendors remain friendly in nature which can help in the relationship building process.

Ship Goods to Your Home Country: You must provide a proper shipping address for delivering your fashion products to your home country. You must know the shipment costs well beforehand so that you never get a shock when it is higher than the actual costs of your samples.

When the products are finally shipped to you, make sure they were packaged nicely. If the products are fashion jewelry or designer handbags, they must be packaged well to protect them from the damage during the transit.

Author Bio:  Tim Parker is a fashion jeweler. In this article, he is talking about the China wholesale market and how can you import fashion products from their vendors to your home country.

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