Warning Signs You Should Know When Wearing Corsets

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Corsets may be used according to fashion and medical intentions, however, there are a few instances when wearing one should be stopped especially if you are using Steel boned corsets.

  • Soreness, cramps and pain on the ribs – remove the corset at once if you feel that the ribs start to sore or cramp. Any pain induced by the undergarment should not be ignored. Try to loosen the corset for a while and allow the pain and discomfort to vanish. These happens especially if the undergarment does not fit your body shape and size. This is also a result of lacing too tightly and having the corset apply to inappropriate points.

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  • Pressure on iliac crest or top curve of the pelvis – the pressure exerted on the iliac crest can cause numbness in the hips and the buttocks which can also affect the hips and the thighs. Numbness and soreness can be caused particularly by the wrong Steel boned corsets but the sensation should be gone in a few minutes after removing the corset.
  • Acid reflux – acid reflux associated with indigestion and stomach pain are signs that the corsets should be loosened or removed. You should always remember that corseting constricts the waistline and reduces its capacity to store food. Women who use corsets are advised to monitor their intake. They should reduce consumption of coffee, fat and spicy foods.
  • Blood pressure – if the corset is laced too tightly, it is highly anticipated that women will suffer from high blood pressure. Those who are suffering from such condition should seek medical advice before wearing the Steel boned corsets.
  • Cough – corsets might cause the airways to dry out and if this happens, the lungs could get irritated. Coughing is a sign that you need to remove your corset, raise your arms towards your head and allow the upper body to move from back, left and right without moving your lower body part.

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