Watches engineered for resisting water

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Rolex watches are the right example for the luxury and technological advancements. Instead of being worn on the special occasion and to handle with care, Rolex watches are designed to be worn daily even in the rough and tough conditions. All the products from Rolex are highly durable and stronger.

Waterproof Rolex watches

One of the most advanced features of the Rolex watches it is higher resistivity for water. From this brand you will find hundreds of Waterproof Rolex watch models at the best rates. All the models of the Rolex except Rolex Cellini series are designed to handle the intense pressure of water at various levels.  Rolex has marked different ranking for its different models, this ranking is based upon the pressure test which is done in the lab.


Customers can easily find the Rolex watch for the swimmers, scuba divers, water skiers and other water sports lovers. Check out the tree super luxury models of the Rolex watches that are known for its water resistance feature:

  • Rolex Sea-Dweller: Helium escape valve is used in this watch which gets decompressed in high pressure conditions. Within the depth of 1,220 meters, this model of watch is waterproofed.
  • Rolex Deep Sea Dweller: This model is capable of resisting water pressure upto the depth of 3,900 meters.
  • Rolex Submariner: This is one of the most popular models from Rolex and offers resistance to water pressure in the 200 meters which makes it popular for the scuba divers.

Meet the professional watch repair experts

Despite of the quality features of the Rolex watches, at some point of time you will need to hire the services of Rolex repair experts. They are skilled to fix different types of watch problems and also provide restorative services for the Rolex watches in order to increase its life years. Professional watch makers are certified by Rolex for watch repair so customers can easily rely on their services.

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