What Is the Best Gift for Couple With New Baby?

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The best gift to give a couple expecting a new baby is the 3 in 1 trike. This is part tricycle, part baby stroller, and part bike. So you will be giving a gift that will last the family through:

  • Baby
  • Toddler
  • 3 years old


Nothing is better than these convertible and multifunctional toys that work well through both the toddler years as well as baby years. These are the toys or items for a baby that can give you more ‘bang for your buck’. This makes for a slightly higher price tag but well worth the price for the 3 in 1 trike.


Smart Trike

This is a product of Smart Trike which is in the business of making bikes for:

  • Babies
  • Toddlers
  • Pre-schoolers

There are several models as well as colors currently in the market place. This 3 in 1 trike featured in this article is the trike with the color green. These are popular due to:

  • Suitable for 1 month to 6 years
  • Grows with your child through first 3 stages of life
  • Removable, or adjustable push handle that allow control with only one hand
  • Has high back seat for both safety and comfort
  • Comfortable non-slip rubber grip handles
  • Long service life
  • Tires offer a quiet-ride
  • Foot pedal that is anti-slip
  • Footrests that detach and fold away
  • Extra-large storage bucket
  • Shade canopy that is removable

This toy can be used until about 3 years. In fact it will probably last into the child is ready for a ‘big bike’ that has training wheels.


For the kids wear, this is a stroller that has a high back rest with 3 point harness and safety bars surrounding the stroller. The pedals can also be detached so that they do not turn while pushing the stroller and there is no problem with feet getting stuck as the baby rides. Some toddlers like to rest their feet on the foot rests instead.

Shade from weather

In order to protect the baby from the sun there is a shade in the stroller design. This works well, although if the day is windy, the shade can be blown back.

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