What Should I Wear to My Best Friend’s Wedding?

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Special occasions, such as weddings, require a certain dress code. This is even more important if the person getting married is your best friend! If your bestie didn’t specify a preferred dress code for her girlfriends, this means that she completely trusts you to make this decision on your own – so you better not disappoint. Obviously, you will want to avoid black and white dresses, as well as anything that is just too flashy and will steal the bride’s thunder. Let’s check out what are your best options.

a line dress

Be A Sweetheart

The first rule of choosing the perfect dress is shopping according to your body type and choosing something that will flatter your figure. This way, you’ll be sure that you’re not wearing anything too skimpy, flashy or simply distasteful. Ladies who have a larger bosom should focus their attention on dresses that will provide good support and a decent décolletage. Sweetheart necklines are the perfect match for this body type, but you won’t make a mistake by opting for a scoop or a v neckline.

sleeveless dress

Easy A (Line)

A-line dresses are simply made for weddings and similar special occasions, as they are cute, provide a good skin-coverage ratio and manage to give you that stylish look needed for an event such as this one. The best thing about these dresses is that they are quite flattering and are a great choice if you’re looking to cover up your hips or tummy. The A-line dress, combined with the right pair of heels makes a wonderful choice for all the ladies who wish to show off their legs.

maxi dress

Show Some Skin

While dressing too revealinglyis definitely out ofthequestion, there are certain ways that can help you show some skin and maintain that sophisticated posture. Forinstance, off-the-shoulder dresses are a complete hit this year and they always manage to create an intriguing blend of elegant and sexy. Sleeveless dresses are also a good choice for wedding occasions and are quite chic and stylish.

Wrap It Up

If you’re attending a summer wedding and are looking for an easy-breezy outfit that will give you that feminine touch, don’t hesitate to opt for a simple wrap dress. These dresses are great as they follow your figure, emphasize your waist and bosom, but are still quite tasteful and delicate.

Maximize Your Style

Always glamorous and fashionable, the classic maxi dress is one of those outfits on which you can always rely on. Maxi dresses provide a dose of elegance and are perfect for summer and spring weddings and with the right set of accessories they can turn from beachy-casual to semi-formal in a matter of minutes. If you’re looking for a way to add a sexy touch to your maxi, then opting for a high slit is the best choice for you.

The golden rule of choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding is not so much about what you’re going to wear, as it is about what you’re not going to wear. So, if you learn what colours and dress styles to avoid, you’ll have no issue finding the right match for you.

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