What you need to know about Glass Trophies

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Glass trophies are timeless. They are versatile and can be created to meet your specific needs. They are often illustrative for a distinctive journey, hence their prestigious value.

Who are they suitable for?

A glass trophy can be used to recognise and reward excellence or achievement. They tend to be used by businesses, event organisers, charities and sponsors. Simply put, a glass trophy can be presented to anyone who stands out from the crowd, they’re usually given as a thank you to show appreciation and gratitude, however they can be used at special events!


Why are they so desirable?

Do you need a glass trophy that has been designed to suit your budget and requirements?

Award EFX create a range of glass and crystal trophies, they are manufactured by a recycled glass or hard-blown art- they are tailor-made to meet your specifications.

If you’re looking to create a maximum impact, have you considered a glass trophy?

Glass trophies are decorative, they can be coloured or clear and Award EFX provide you with the opportunity to personalise them- making them unique to your business. They are stylish and offer high quality.

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Examples of their uses:

As a result of diverse requirements, the need for a glass trophy varies. Award EFX produce glass that can be used to create trophies, awards, paperweights, tableware and other products- they offer versatility along with endless options for design! Each example has something unique to offer, it is customised to meet your needs specifically- creating a perfect product to present!

Commonly, a glass trophy is presented in recognition to sporting events. Whether it be football, golf or motorsport, a glass trophy has more significance than a wooden award, it’s designed to be more intricate and detailed- making it substantially more eye-catching when displayed!

The shape of the award also has significance; if the shape is exclusive to your logo or your company, it is more professional and stylish. An example of this includes the Apple Award created by Award EFX- which is a 3D apple that has been mounted onto a base. The design is beautifully created and can be personalised to meet your explicit needs!

Why Award EFX?

Award EFX are responsible for the creation of the Harrods Award. This 3D etched glass trophy design is personalised because it incorporates a coloured logo as well as engraving. The personalisation of this trophy was created by CAD Technology Design.

Using the latest technologies, Award EFX can design your trophy taking into consideration your initial designs- making sure the trophy is suited to you!


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