What Your Shoe Choice Says About You

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Many people say that “you are what you wear,” meaning your style choices reflect your kind of personality. Well, it may be true in certain aspects otherwise you won’t be choosing the garments and accessories that you are wearing right now.

The same mantra goes with your choice of shoes. You may not realize it, but your personality is revealed with the type of shoes you wear even without you knowing it. Opting to wear these shoe styles are an effect of your current mood, as well as the attitude that you are carrying at the moment, even if you have not pronounced these choices consciously.


So, how do women’s shoes reflect your personality? Here are some revelations:

  1. If you’re a fan of boots, then you’re a definite risk taker.

Boots are shoes that are not worn on a regular day. They are sported during the colder months of the year, and this is to protect the feet from the extreme weather conditions. However, there are those who dare to wear boots even during the hottest days of the year, all in the name of fashion.

If you are one of these people who are into wearing boots on a non-winter day, then you are seen to be a risk taker. You’re not the type who is content to conform with the existing trends and norms, and you have the knack to try new things and explore new adventures along the way.

  1. You want things sultry when you wear laced-up sandals.

Laced-up sandals are a favourite among women who go to parties and risqué events. This is because the lace that is wrapped around their legs adds more to their sexy and sultry vibe. If you occasionally wear these types of shoes, then you tend carry a mysterious personality and the knack for things romantic.

Laced-up shoes also tell that you are fun-loving and carefree, as you have the tendency to go beyond the norm whenever you feel like doing so. You have the heart for adventure and trying out new things, but still keep your feet steady on the ground.

  1. Pumps and stilettos say that you mean business.

Pumps and stiletto heels are often worn during parties and formal events, but if you happen to wear them with jeans and a shirt, then you definitely are a symbol of power and authority.

It’s not every day that you can find women sporting such high thin heels on the streets, and when they do it means that they are the no-nonsense types and are all after doing business all day. This is because with such heels (and additional points when the toe ends are pointed), you grab attention from colleagues, and you are easily noticed even when you are in a big crowd.

Wearing stilettos may also mean that you are a bit of a control freak. It’s not easy to control your struts when on such high heels, and being able to master the craft means that you have full control of your actions, including the way you do business.

  1. Flats tend to say you’re a busy bee.

Flat women’s shoes and sandals are often worn by women who are always out doing errands. This isn’t a negative thing, though. It just means that when you wear flats a lot, you are the type who is into getting things done. You have the knack to be results-oriented, and you hate missing out on deadlines. Your busy aura also shows that you are industries ad determined to hit your goals in the ways you know best.

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